5 Proven Ways to Save Money on Wholesale Hoodies for Your Brand

At Three Layer, we know the significance of controlling cash outflows and costs. You should also prioritize maintaining quality. If you consider building your brand, hoodies are among the most popular and versatile choices. But you might feel discouraged when buying them in bulk, especially when you are more concerned about optimizing your budget. This blog will discuss five key strategies to save money on wholesale hoodies without compromising quality or style.

  1. Leverage the Power of Quantity Discounts

Based on the volume purchased, the wholesale provider typically gives substantial price cuts. Increasing your savings with this “buy-in-bulk” strategy is a tried-and-true method. How to maximize it is as follows:

  • Calculate Your Needs Accurately: Before buying hoodies in a bulk you should carefully make a sales plan.  Go through your previous record of sales, data, plan future marketing initiatives, and account for seasonal changes. Ordering in bulk can result in warehouse expenses and outdated designs.
  • Negotiate based on quantity: Do market research about different vendors and their offerings. Negotiate with possible vendors and let them know the amount you intend to buy. See if they are willing to offer a larger discount. Remember that a strong negotiation can result in big savings.
  • Consider Staggered Orders: If you are not able to purchase all at once, try staggered orders. Negotiate a significant discount with the provider, then divide the order into smaller deliveries over the year. This allows you to track cash flow and adjust orders depending on real-time sales data.
  1. Explore Alternative Fabrics and Blends

The type and quality used in the hoodies considerably impacts the cost.  Few of the premium materials offer a luxurious feel, but those usually are not budget-friendly choices. Below are the most significant alternatives to those premium materials. 

  • Cotton Blends: The Cotton blends polyester offer a balance between comfort,  affordability, and durability. It is wrinkle-less and gets dry immediately making them a good choice for activewear hoodies.
  • Fleece Options: Fleece is a prevalent fabric for winter hoodies. Consider alternatives to classic fleece, such as Polar Fleece or Sherpa Fleece, which provide convenience and warmness at a competitive price range.
  • Lightweight Fabrics: Lightweight cotton or jersey mixes make flawless choices for summertime hoodies. They are comfy and breathable without becoming overly expensive.
  1. Optimize Your Hoodie Design for Cost-Effectiveness:

You can save a lot of money by making even little changes to your hoodie design. Here are some pointers to think about:

  • Reduce Complex Designs: Multi-color screen printing and embroidery with fine details might raise the cost of decoration. To keep costs down, think about using fewer colors and simpler designs.
  • Minimize Decoration Placement: The cost is affected by how many places you add your design or trademark. It might be less expensive to restrict ornamentation to the front chest or back rather than adding patterns to the sleeves or pockets.
  • Investigate Alternative Decorating Techniques: Based on your design, investigate alternatives such as digital printing or heat transfers. In certain cases, these methods can be less expensive for large orders than conventional screen printing or embroidery. 
  1. Assist a Trusted Wholesale Provider

The key to overall success and cost savings is choosing the ideal wholesale supplier. The following are some crucial points to consider:

  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs): Look for suppliers that can provide the MOQs you require. Aim to avoid being locked into a big order at first.
  • Price Transparency: Verify that the supplier provides clear price structures that take into consideration various factors like fabric, variations in size, and decoration options.
  • Quality control: Help a provider who has a solid track record of providing dependable quality control. You want to keep your company’s reputation intact when producing hoodies that are of bad quality.
  • Decoration Services: Inquire about the supplier’s decoration capabilities and prices if you plan to add custom logos or designs. You may be able to reduce costs and improve efficiency in your production process by partnering with a supplier that provides decoration services.
  1. Plan Your Production Schedule Strategically:

Throughout the hoodie production process, careful planning can result in cost savings. How to do it is as follows:

  • Order Far in Advance: By allowing suppliers to arrange manufacturing well in advance, you might potentially avoid rush order fees and receive better prices.
  • Consolidate Shipments: Look into the possibilities of consolidating shipments if you’re placing large orders for different clothing products. This may lower the cost of individual shipping.
  • Think About Production Offshore: Look into reliable foreign producers, bearing in mind possible lead times, communication difficulties, and import taxes. Although careful investigation and quality control procedures are essential, this approach may prove to be economical. 

Last Words

You may easily minimize costs on wholesale hoodies for your brand by putting these tried-and-true tactics into practice. Recall that cutting costs doesn’t have to mean sacrificing elegance or quality. You can make premium hoodies that appeal to your target market without going over budget if you plan ahead, negotiate well, and concentrate on streamlining your designs and production procedures.