How To Wear A pullover hoodies Hoodie: 5 Modern & Stylish Outfits For Men

Look in a men’s wardrobe and the odds are high that you’ll find a hoodie sitting right there in a drawer. To be sure, Nothing beats a pullover hoodie when it comes to its sporty-meets-style aura that is not just meant for comfort wear on cold days or to lounge back but is an awesome choice for those who want to flaunt their own style. The best part about a pullover hoodie is that it is extremely versatile; throw in a little thought and your fashion sense to create voguish outfits. Here are five stylish hoodie outfit looks who want to rock a hoodie no matter what the season or occasion. 

Smart Casual 

Take a  well-fitted hoodie crafted of  luxurious fabric to layer a soft-shoulder jacket or blazer. The blazer should ideally be of a neutral or dark shade like  a gray hoodie set off against a navy or black blazer. You might as well think of putting over a hoodie on a button-down shirt accompanied by tailored trousers or pants in an attractive color together with a leather sneaker to finish off the look. This combo of smart and casual will allow you pull off a refined look without being overly formal, and hence would work particularly well for dinner dates or casual business meetings. 


Comfort is the defining feature of a hoodie that lends it that perfect aura for becoming the garment of choice for athleisure. Donning a hoodie for workout and or any physical activity is a great way to look effortlessly stylish and yet all geared up for a fine performance.  For a seamless blend of athletic wear with everyday fashion, opt for trendy sneakers or a jogger in a neutral tone to match your hoodie. Or you can choose to layer it with a lightweight jacket like a bomber jacket for that extra dose of warmth and style. This look is best for hanging out with friends , a day at the gym or for heading to any nearby place.

Street wear 

Although Hoodie has been integral to streetwear that opens up the possibility of experimenting with colors, designs and fits. You can give an edge to your look by choosing to  pair a gray or black hoodie with a black leather jacket for a stylish contrast. Distressed or ripped jeans also form a chi combination when coupled with high-top sneakers or boots. This outfit is  a great way to give a fashionable twist to street wear as well as for night outs and any casual occasion. 

Layered Look: Hoodie with a Denim Jacket

Layering works as a great fashion move to add depth to your outfit and create  a dapper look.  PIcka  well-fitted denim jacket , preferably light wash denim to compliment a pullover hoodie along with straight-leg or slim jeans that are of a different shade to the jacket to avoid an excess of denim. Finally, round off the look with high-top sneakers or chelsea boots for a sophisticated and sleek look that can fit in with the ambience of concerts, all kinds of casual outings or simply to 


It’s only a myth that a hoodie is not cut out for dressing up. With the  above hoodie ideas, it’s utterly clear that a  hoodie boasts  the right proportion of softness and style to create impressive outfits for both casual day outs as well as for everyday fashion. Explore Three Layers collection of wholesale  pullover hoodies to get the best bang for your buck and take your style game to a whole new level. As one the leading wholesale brands, we provide only premium quality pullover hoodies with customization options to stock up your wardrobes so that you can stay at the top of your fashion game all year round.