Sustainable Style on a Budget: Eco-Friendly Wholesale Apparel Picks

For all its popularity, the fashion industry has become notorious for being one of the world’s largest polluting industries. A broader movement towards sustainability has come to influence the realm of fashion coupled with a shift in consumer preference towards eco-friendly apparel as concerns about the environment become dominant than ever. As the demand for sustainable fashion gets higher, retail fashion brands have begun to factor in eco-friendly fabrics and ethical manufacturing practices to attract eco-conscious consumers. Conventionally, sustainable fashion has been deemed to be  reserved for a niche audience due to being on the luxurious side as well as being low in style and variety. In reality, an increasing number of brands have brought about a revolution in sustainable fashion by  offering wholesale blank sweatshirts and other popular clothing apparel that are an epitome of sustainable style on a budget. 

Budget-Friendly Sustainability: Wholesale Options

At the forefront of this growing trend towards sustainable fashion are wholesale brands that offer eco-friendly clothing in a bid to make fashion accessible and affordable for all. In doing so, they are driven to push the boundaries of fashion from the fringes towards mainstream and encourage sustainable fashion choices for a better tomorrow. Therein lies the appeal of wholesale apparel brands that offer eco-friendly clothing fashions; you get to avail buying in bulk quantities to curate your very own collections that are sustainable and yet affordable. Generally, such brands offer a diverse variety of styles including both vintage and modern pieces as well as colour and size options to attract fashion-forward individuals. Another major advantage of a wholesale supplier of apparel is that they offer exciting bulk discounts along with promotions and clearance deals so that you can acquire high-quality and eco-friendly clothing while saving your money. Buying from such wholesale vendors will boost your own business profile as a responsible and moral business along with attracting ethical shoppers to boost your revenue potential. 

What is Sustainable fashion 

What separates eco-friendly clothing from regular one lies mainly in the use of fabrics. The former are generally manufactured from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, recycled polyester or a blend of both which not only  minimises the carbon footprint but is at par with fast fashion brands in terms of its durability and softness. As opposed to  typical manufacturing processes, sustainable fashion is free of chemicals, utilises less water and upholds ethical practices. As a leading manufacturer of retail and wholesale apparel, Three Layers is a WRAP certified brand that rigorously implements the highest environmental standards and fair and ethical labour practices. It is important to buy from wholesale suppliers of apparel that are compliant with the environmental and ethical requirements which adds to their credibility and  authenticity as a fashion brand.The concept of sustainability also extends to reducing waste which is also conducive for retailers by helping them purchase as per demand and avoid the burden of an excess inventory. 

Last Word

Contrary to popular notion, sustainable fashion is not a luxury but an achievable goal for businesses who want to maintain the style quotient without harming the environment. Eager to take a leap towards sustainable fashion? Three Layer is a one-stop destination for a variety of premium quality apparel including wholesale pullover hoodies , blank sweatshirts and much more that have been made from sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices. Whether you are a brand looking to raise brand awareness or an eco-conscious individual, wholesale clothing will help you keep up your style game while contributing to a healthier planet with each purchase.