Wholesale Hoodies and Bulk Sweatshirts: an Ultimate Comfort Solution

This image shows that a 2 persons wear a hoodie and sweat shirt

You are in the right spot if you are looking for good quality, custom-made hoodies and sweatshirts at a wholesale rate and in bulk. Three Layers is the best company, providing its costumes with good outerwear and various customization options. As we all know, most people like to wear hoodies and sweatshirts in cold weather because of their ability to protect the body from cold and are also very comfortable to wear with style. If you seek a good wholesaler, manufacturer, and distributor for your business, Three Layer is for you. It provides high-quality products at competitive prices. All the products are manufactured by a vertically integrated process, ensuring the quality of the products. You can now purchase hoodies and sweatshirts in bulk at a wholesale rate for your business.

Wholesale Hoodies, Their Types, and Material Used

a person in wearing a wholesale hoodies

Our company provides three variations in wholesale hoodies. Pullover hoodies, full zip, and youth hoodies come with sleeves and sleeveless, depending on the customer’s choice and style. The only difference between pullovers and full-zip hoodies is the zipper. Full zip hoodies have a zipper on the front with front side pockets, while pullover hoodies have kangaroo pockets and come without a zipper. Both styles are common and are loved by people a lot. Youth hoodies come in full zip and pullover designs and are basically for youngsters, as the name suggests. You can order these hoodies in bulk on the Three Layers website and avail yourself of the discounted price. These hoodies are made up of 70% cotton and 30% polyester material, making them durable, comfortable, and enhancing sound quality.

Crew Neck Sweatshirts

This image shows a person wearing a crew neck sweatshirts

Crew Neck sweatshirts are well-known among men due to their comfortable no-neck design and style. It can be used in both formal and informal ways. Be it a business meeting or meeting with a friend, you can style crew neck any way you want. Our company produces high-quality crew neck sweatshirts comprising 70% cotton and 30% polyester fabric. You can customize the size and color of your choice when ordering in bulk, as our customers are important to us. As we “design it, we build it.”

Customizing the Bulk Hoodie And Sweatshirts on Wholesale

We manufacture hoodies and sweatshirts on buyers’ demands. The hoodie’s color, size, fabric, and designs can be customized for the customers buying it at wholesale rate. Whether you want to buy sweatshirts and hoodies for students related to school events or for your small business, everything can be customized on demand by the customers, as we are here to please our customers. We provide color cards for ease for customers to select from so that work can be started and done in a given time.


Hoodies and sweatshirts are trendy and are the most used clothing items in winter. These items align with style and fulfill the needs of people in cold weather. The higher proportion of cotton material in these products’ manufacturing makes these clothing items comfortable, durable, affordable, and stylish for people of every age. Three Layer provides you with your own personalized and customized hoodie designs and styles. You can also get these items in bulk at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction and the quality of the product is our priority. Along with sweatshirts and hoodies, our other products include fleece joggers, t-shirts, etc. We are gradually adding new products and designs to our collection to satisfy our customers’ needs.